Manage Card Issuance

Consumer onboarding, Debit and Prepaid card production and managing programs for consumer spending patterns

Contactless and Chip Card issuance with PIN controls

Configurable controls for card usage, limits and security

Microservice API for White label Consumer Apps and Wallets

Flexible Fees and commission configuration for banks and processors

Bank can offer their card/wallet product to different segment of customers using ZealCim solution. It supports PIN-secured, EMV & contactless, debit and prepaid cards with configurable tariff fees and usage restrictions with daily & periodic limits

Issue and manage Plastic and Virtual card/wallets linked to accounts

Define card plans, authorization parameters, limits, fees and commissions

Initiate Clearing and settlement with interchanges like Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay and Rupay

Customer Care
Provide services using self-care portal and help desk